Machine Learning/AI

Using the latest techniques, we build consumer-facing services that understand the actual context of your data and content – no matter what it is or where it’s from.

Systems That Thinks

Here at Inflack, we have transcended into involving Machine Learning and AI for our software developments that allow software applications to become more accurate at predicting outcomes without explicit programming. Our services enable your companies to discover valuable insights into a wider range of structured and unstructured data sources. Our Machine Learning and AI team will set the seal on setting up software for our customers that can analyze bigger, more complex data and deliver faster, and produce more accurate results even on a vast scale.

Evolution Like never before

What if we told you that there is a way for you to get your products and services into peoples’ heads before they know they need them? Our AI and Machine learning technology are right at your door and ready to develop your software just the way you want with our very own AI team. This provides better and faster web development that allows our customers to improve data integrity and reduce human error to create smart software that protrudes. An overall combination that leads to better decisions based on better data.

Let Our AI Handle It

Our AI team creates personalized software that continues to develop and learn on its own based on experience, our revolutionary team and software will ensure accurate data, algorithms and automation, and a profound iterative process. Our Inflack team is ready to go above and beyond with our resources and software for you to reach your highest potential in just a click.

We Develop

We Deliver


Model Accuracy

Our development of machine learning and AI focuses on presenting accuracy every time. This feature helps to make practical business decisions and more accurate model outcomes and reduces human error.

Detection Algorithms

Detection Algorithms

Our machine-learning services consist of the detection feature that involves classification, detection, tracking, counting, analyzing robotic behavior, or using computer vision to analyze microscopic defects

Process Optimization

Process Optimization

Machine Learning and AI algorithms features have no issues analyzing fully-fledged historical data for all the existing factors in a business due to the process optimization feature that mainly focuses on increasing the efficiency and accuracy of daily operations and processes that our clients can benefit from.

Predictive Recommendation

Predictive Recommendation

Machine learning and AI’s recommender feature provide personalized service support to users by learning their previous behaviors and predicting their current preferences for particular products.